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Voici une fiche qui récapitule tout ce qu’il faut savoir sur l’exploration spatiale – Space exploration – au programme cette année pour l’oral d’anglais dans la séquence Fictions and realities.

Humankind has always been intrigued by what lies beyond the lands of the earth. It is only normal, for one contemplating the sky, to wonder what exists there. Even more so, the heretofore existent problems such as climate change, ecological problems, and pollution, have embedded the idea of humans wanting to secure their lives through having a Plan B: living in space. Learn more about space exploration in this article!

According to Oxford Dictionary, Astronomy is a field of study which revolves around celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. The means of diagnosing the astronomical aspect of life requires adequate technological advances and researches. And as per reason, scientists needed to directly experience space to gather information and study it. The closest method was to research approaches for human passaging into outer space to explore life beyond earth.

Definition of space exploration

The mission of exploring the universe, and in specific, life beyond earth, has been one significant purpose. It helps address the fundamental questions about our place in the universe and the history of our solar system. Human space exploration revolves around the concept of flying into space, in order to get a closer observation of it. It is significant because this mission not only permits the human race to discover what exists out there but also facilitates the more accurate observation of earth. It thus provides a different perspective and outlook on the planet we live on.

In other words, a mission to space facilitates the examination of the earth with respect to space, as opposed to what earth solely is with regard to its residents. Hence, it can be stated that space conquests retain a fundamental role in expanding our knowledge of the existing world. Moreover, it also motivates the humankind to reach optimum advancement in the technological, chemical, and physical discoveries. Therefore, it improves the quality of life on earth in general.

Relevant examples you can use to talk about space exploration

The NASA, an agency encouraging space exploration

The NASA official governmental website stated that the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, Sputnik, into space on the 4th of October 1957. A year from that, NASA, a government agency, was created to oversee U.S. space exploration and aeronautics research. NASA is known to be responsible for science and technology related to air and space. Spacecrafts such as flybys, orbiters, and rovers, are quite costly.

Example – The Mars Pathfinder mission

The Mars Pathfinder mission cost approximately $265 million including launch and operations. The development and construction of the lander cost $150 million and the rover about $25 million. That is because spacecraft are designed to oppose gravity. They defy sudden natural disturbances while still functioning and sending information to earth. Also, human space explorations requires oxygen availability and a specified space suit (which is costly). It also requires accurate calculations of the duration of the whole trip. Accordingly, factors such as cost, oxygen nihility, and duration are essential to be considered and well-arranged when wanting to perform a research mission to space.


How to use these examples during your exam?

The importance of studying space has been continuously gaining its value ever since human beings started to question their existence and position within the universe. The concept of space and its findings is currently included in educational textbooks and became incorporated in certain majors. Furthermore, though space conquests are costly, they elicit remarkable revenues through the discoveries and findings that result from them. In the rest of this article, we will take the example of a “sujet zéro“, provided by the Banque nationale de sujets.

Rocket men: why tech’s biggest billionaires want their place in space, The Guardian

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX in 2002, “completed successful launches since 2006, delivered cargo to the International Space Station. He secured more than $10bn in contracts with NASA 10 and other clients.” Elon Musk was mesmerized by the concept of space; He indeed predicted that life on Mars will replace the life on earth someday, as earth experiences its extinction.

The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury

To further clarify its noteworthy impact, Ray Bradbury, considered the concept of space exploration a symbol of hope of the people living on earth. That was evident in his fiction writing of The Martian Chronicles written back in 1950. He considered the process of exploring space a getaway and a privilege for every spaceman. And just like Elon Musk, Ray Bradbury expected the earth to vanish someday. He also considered life on other planets to be that security which can be achieved for the protection of the human race.


Contrary to most beliefs, the concept of space exploration is much more significant as it is compulsory on so many levels. As previously stated, it elicits social, educational, scientific, and security benefits. It was indeed extremely difficult for the human race to discover the means of flying into space. However, the motivation to explore and study what lies out there was far more domineering. Here, it is evident that the curiosity and the will to discover and reveal the secrets of the universe played a huge role.

Not only did space conquest impact the human beings’ view on reality and their current lives. But it also had a major economic impact. Billions of dollars were generated as a result of technological and scientific discoveries. They were consequently used to further develop and aim for newer discoveries and inventions. The current definition of reality and understanding of this world would have been different, had the human race never anticipated was exists outside the planet of earth. This is the reason of why human beings set forth a vast amount of importance to this manner.

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